Place of English Grammar in English Language Teaching

The sentence structure is the stray pieces of a language. It is the central stone to get the grasp of a language and expert it.

In this way, a sound information and lucidity in grasping English sentence structure is compulsory for each English language educator. Very much like the stray pieces should be utilized for the smooth working of a motor, comparatively sound information on English syntax is an unquestionable requirement.

An English educator could move trust in a study hall situation when she has grasped the English language professor de inglês nativo structure. She will actually want to re-structure and apply it under various tenses without adjusting the significance of the sentences or utilize the sentences diversely to feature the different importance inferred.

It is just through the comprehension of sentence structure one comes to know the utilization of ‘will’ and ‘will’ and tenses and its use which are the fine marks of punctuation that thus mirror the language capability of an educator.

At the point when the educator is careful in her syntactic abilities, she could guarantee the understudies handle it as well.

e.g.1) The kid sits on the elephant. {Here the subject is the kid, sits is the action word and the elephant is the item)

2) The elephant sits on the kid. { Here the subject is the elephant, sits, the action word and the kid is the object}

Seeing for example 1 and 2, right when the word request is transformed, it would be a terrible occasion for the kid in 2 when the elephant sits on the kid.

Another model is: Did you rest good(adjective) today?

This is a generally utilized wrong sentence. It ought to be as, as a matter of fact:

Did you rest soundly (intensifier) today?

As represented above, we can induce that very much like the driver could drive a vehicle without knowing how a vehicle functions yet realizing it well would help him a great deal. Accordingly, one should grasp the mechanics of English language structure.

Besides, when an understudy requests to explain a specific point in language structure, a decent English educator may not be dumbstruck or need not influence away from the subject however make sense of basically the principles of English syntax with precise and itemized data.

Whether an English educator is a local speaker or non-local speaker, he should have a right information on English language structure. A local speaker however can communicate in English smoothly and accurately, still she may not know how the language functions. Though, the non-local speaker, an educator could subliminally utilize the syntactic standards of her most memorable language which may be ungrammatical or have vague importance. In either cases whether we are a local educator or non-local English instructor, information on sentence structure doesn’t empower to portray or show the standards of punctuation to a language student.